HP 3Par Support after End of Life

Are you using HPE 3PAR storage systems and have been surprised by HPE’s announcement of the end of service life for the HPE 3PAR StoreServ series? Are you looking for alternatives to continue operating your storage or to gain enough time until you can replace your HPE 3PAR storage? We are happy to help you.

HPE 3PAR Support

As a long-standing HPE partner with a strong focus on 3PAR StoreServ, we have expanded our portfolio to include end-of-life support for this hardware. With our strong engineering team and our own service centres and warehouses whole over the world, we have enough know-how and spare parts to maintain support for the end-of-life systems for at least another 10 years. After HPE’s EoL announcement, we bought up remaining stocks of spare parts from all over Europe and are able to offer HPE 3PAR support even without the support of the manufacturer.

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HP 3PAR Specialist at the best price

With decades of experience, we know what matters when it comes to resolving incidents for your HP 3PAR storage system. Benefit not only from our experience, but also from our excellent prices. Get a no-obligation quote and compare for yourself.

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Our offer in brief

  • Worldwide HP 3PAR storage maintenance well beyond the end of life period.

  • Around-the-clock spare parts availability through own warehouse and logistics

  • Online, telephone and on-site service around the clock

  • Engineers on site in up to four hours

  • Specialised and experienced 3rd level engineers for HPE 3PAR systems

HPE 3PAR Support Options

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HPE 3PAR End of Life FAQs

Questions about 3PAR Support

What is included in the 3PAR EoL HWW Support Package?

The HWW Support Package is the equivalent of the HPE Care Pack with the difference that all services are provided by Hardwarenwartung 24. The following services are covered:

  • 24/7 telephone support
  • Working hours
  • Travel and travel expenses
  • Spare parts and replacement devices
  • On-site replacement or repair of equipment under maintenance contract
  • Access to our ticketing system on request
  • On request, connection to our own monitoring with predictive maintenance, similar to HPE InfoSight

What is included in HPE 3PAR Spare Part Service?

The 3PAR Spare Part Service is designed for customers who have sufficient know-how in handling the StoreServ storage systems themselves and only require spare parts for the continued operation of the hardware.

The following components are covered by the Spare Part Service:

  • Storage Controller
  • Fibre Channel Host Adapter
  • SFP transceiver
  • failing FC, NL, SSDs
  • power supply
  • I/O modules

The following components are not covered:

  • PCM Battery
  • Cache Battery

As the batteries are consumables, they are not covered by the 3PAR Spare Part Service. Nevertheless, they can be purchased from us at any time.

How is the handling of firmware and software?

For systems that are not yet End of Life, our usual rules for firmware and software updates apply. You can find these in

If the hardware is already End of Support, there will unfortunately be no possibility to get newer versions, because HPE already stops the development with the End of Sale and only releases bug fixes until the End of Support.

Since the End of Sale has already been announced for almost all HPE 3PAR systems, we recommend downloading and saving the latest firmware and software versions before the Care Pack expires, even if you do not want to install them yet. If you want to update at a later date, you will at least already have the latest files.

What information do I need to provide to get a quote for EoL support?

In order to be able to create a correct and suitable offer, we need the configuration of the 3PAR storage. Unfortunately, the HPE Partsurfer does not always show the entire configuration because either the partner has not imported the data correctly or a system has been expanded and not reported to HPE. For this reason we need the following command line outputs:

  • “Model/Serial & All outputs below:
  • showinventory -svc (for 7k / 8k models)
  • showinventory (for F / T / V-10k models)
  • showversion
  • showlicense
  • showalert -n

If you are unable to retrieve this information, please send us all the information you have and we will check if we can provide a quote based on this data.

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HP 3PAR Specialist at the best price

With decades of experience, we know what matters when it comes to supporting your HP 3PAR storage system. Benefit not only from our experience, but also from our excellent prices. Get a no-obligation quote and compare for yourself.

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General EoL questions

Will it be possible to upgrade an existing HPE 3PAR storage after the EoL?

Yes, in principle it should not be a problem to upgrade End of Life 3PAR storage. Both we and other dealers will have sufficient refurbished components, such as disks, SSDs, shelves or I/O modules, that you can use for an upgrade. The only difficulty we see is the availability of licences for the components that require a licence. We do not currently see any bottlenecks for licences until 2022, as HPE is still offering them. However, should HPE no longer offer the licences, there could be bottlenecks.

Will there still be licences for the 3PAR systems after the EoL?

It is not yet clear how HPE will implement licence validation after the EoL. We currently assume that HPE will discontinue licence sales, but that licences already sold can still be activated after the EoL.

Supported HPE 3PAR Models

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3PAR EoL Service

Your HPE 3PAR Specialist

If you notice a defect in your storage systems, you can contact us at any time. Even after the end of life, we provide our service for the maintenance of your 3PAR system.  Our engineers will help you with any problem competently and at an excellent price. Ask for a maintenance quote and compare for yourself.

3PAR EoL Service

Migration paths for HPE 3PAR systems

There is no direct upgrade path for the 3PAR storage systems. However, HPE recommends this upgrade path.

HPE 3PAR 9000, 10000, 20000

HPE Primera

HPE 3PAR 7000, 8000

HPE Nimble Storage All Flash

HPE 3PAR configurations with < 25 % Flash

HPE Nimble Storage

When should I use HPE Nimble?

HPE Nimble Storage is designed for SMB customers and offers both hybrid and all-flash configurations. For 3PAR Hybrid configurations with less than 25% SSDs, the Nimble Hybrid variant is the best candidate for a switch. For 3PAR 7000 or 8000 all-flash systems, the HPE Nimble all-flash models are suitable.

HPE Nimble offers the following advantages:

  • Easy implementation, operation and management
  • 99.9999% data availability through the use of AI and HPE Infosight
  • cloud-ready and therefore particularly suitable for hybrid cloud infrastructures
  • excellent integration with VMware, Microsoft applications, Oracle, Veeam and other systems
  • Inline deduplication and compression with variable block sizes achieves a data reduction of up to a factor of 2.8

When should I use HPE Primera?

The HPE Primera storage solution is designed specifically for customers with very high input/output operations per second (IOPS) and data availability requirements. With up to 1.5 million IOPS and 100% data availability, HPE Primera is the high-end storage system to replace the older generation HPE 3PAR 9000, 10000 and 20000.

HPE Pimera offers the following advantages:

  • up to 1.5 million IOPS at 100% availability through the use of AI and HPE Infosight
  • Less than 1ms latency at a bandwidth of 44GB/s
  • Independent scalability of computing power and storage
  • Configuration and management effort is comparatively low

Can Hardwarewartung 24 help with the migration?

Thanks to our many years of experience with HPE storage solutions, we can support you both in the selection of the newer storage solutions and in the migration.

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