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As an IT service provider, IT system house or outsourcer, you have already built up a certain customer base and offer your customers your high-quality specialized services. With as your partner, you can continue to concentrate on your core competence while at the same time increasing your services and sales. We offer Value-Add Services that support your company exactly where you need it.

Expand your possibilities and increase your turnover as well as your contribution margins. Contact us for more information in a personal conversation.

Partnership for System Houses

A cost-effective alternative to manufacturer maintenance.

Many IT system houses also offer maintenance contracts for their customers’ hardware as part of their professional services. In most cases, they will be sourced from manufacturers such as HP, IBM, Dell, EMC, or Netapp, once they have reached the appropriate partner status. We offer an alternative to classic manufacturer maintenance for exactly these system house experts. In this way we enable you to expand your service portfolio and increase your sales. Here are just a few benefits that our service partners enjoy.

  • Better competitive position through a cost-effective alternative to manufacturer maintenance.
  • Offer maintenance contracts for all devices from all manufacturers and models from a single source.
  • Expand your portfolio on server maintenance, storage maintenance. Network maintenance, client maintenance and printer maintenance.
  • Offer your maintenance services with us National as well as International,
  • Enjoy project or customer protection.
  • Increase customer loyalty by expanding your scope of service.
  • Give your Customers Maintenance for End of Life or End of Support Hardware.
  • Lots of other cross selling opportunities through our highly professional partner network.

Especially for IT system houses the following services are also very interesting.

Field Service

If you have a customer that you cannot reach regionally because you do not have personnel at the customer location, use our Field Service.

Coverage: Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Skill Level: Depending on requirements. From remote hands to certified support experts.

Service Levels: Technician arrival times of up to two hours on site.

Technician Readiness

It does not make economic sense for every IT system house to employ a dedicated technician outside working hours. These system houses use our pool of technicians outside office hours.

Coverage: Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Skill Level: Depending on requirements. From remote hands to certified support experts.

Service Levels: 24/7 both by telephone and on site.

Spare Parts Logistics

Many end customers take the risk and do not sign a maintenance contract for their hardware and often need a quick solution in case of emergency. In these cases, our system house partners are often the first point of contact for the customer and must find a solution quickly. With us as your service partner, you can easily and cost-effectively access a huge international spare parts warehouse and become the hero of your customers.


  • To be supplied with spare parts from more than 30 warehouses and logistics centres in Austria, Germany or Switzerland.
  • From over 20 hardware distributors in Europe fast high quality replacement parts on wholesale terms.
  • Outsourcing your entire hardware warehouse and logistics to us.

Partnership for Outsourcers

Consolidation of hardware maintenance for all manufacturers.

As an outsourcer, you are the single point of contact for the entire IT infrastructure in the data center or your customers’ office environment. You provide the IT services for your customers economically and reliably.

We help you to further strengthen your competitive position.

  • With our alternative maintenance offers, you lower the costs for your customer IT infrastructure and thereby increase the quality.
  • Consolidate the maintenance contracts of the different manufacturers and offer them from a single source. This reduces the complexity of the services you have taken from the customer and saving time and money.
  • With our flexible maintenance contracts, you can include customer hardware in the maintenance of migration projects for only a few months and remove it again during the next invoice run.

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