Sun / Oracle Maintenance: Professional Server and Data Storage Service

In 2010 Oracle decided to enter the hardware business and bought its competitor Sun Microsystems. In addition to the weak database business, they were able to establish a second pillar in the server and data storage market. As with every major takeover, the quality of service for the maintenance of Sun/Oracle devices has also declined. has climbed into this niche and offers high-quality maintenance services for Oracle servers and storage systems – at best conditions.

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Sun / Oracle Specialist at the Best Price

With decades of experience, we know what it takes to maintain your Oracle Hardware. Benefit not only from our experience, but also from our excellent prices. Get a quote now and compare for yourself.

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Our Oracle Offer at a Glance

  • Manufacturer-independent hardware maintenance throughout Europe

  • Hardware Maintenance well beyond the End of Life period

  • Around the clock spare parts availability through our own warehouse and logistics

  • 24 x 7 Service hours

  • Our response time is up to two hours

  • Call-to-Repair in up to 4 hours

  • Save up to 50 percent on costs with the same or better service

All Oracle Products at a Glance

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Server Maintenance: Reliable Service for Sun Server

In the server environment Oracle offers a wide range of different products. We take over the maintenance of the following products:

Sun Server

With a central server infrastructure you provide computing power, storage space and other services for all employees. This saves resources and facilitates collaboration. Sun often uses its own SPARC architecture in this area. The manufacturer sells different model series in this area – for example Ultra, Netra, SunFire, Blade or Enterprise. So that you can always rely on the services of your server in your company, we at offer high quality maintenance services.

Oracle Storage Systems: Maintenance for your Storage Systems

Under the name StorEdge and StorageTek Oracle offers a wide range of different storage products. We take care of the maintenance of the following products:

Sun Storage

Sun / Oracle offers storage systems for various applications. Under the names StoragEdge and StorageTek the widely used, but older storage systems, which originate from Sun times, are still running. Many customers still have these very robust storage systems in their data center, but often suffer from the increased maintenance costs of the new owner Oracle. Here offers a high-quality and favorable alternative.

We are also an excellent option for the newer storage environments. Oracle divides its storage products into three categories. All-Flash Storage, NAS Storage and SAN Storage. These run under the names FS for All Flash, ZFS for NAS Storage and FS1 for SAN Storage. If you use storage systems of these lines in your company, we offer you the suitable storage maintenance. With us, you always have a comparable alternative at a significantly better price.

Maintenance for the Oracle Tape Library

Under the name StorageTek and Powderhorn Oracle offers tape library. We take over the maintenance of the following products:

Sun Tape Libraries

Large amounts of data can be stored very cheaply on magnetic tapes. As a result, tape libraries are often used for backups and data archiving. If you are using Sun products, you are probably using the Powderhorn, Timberwolf, or Streamline models. These devices are used by many customers for a very long time in order not to lose access to old data.

Interferences with tape libraries are often not time-critical, but still have a very high priority. Because a failure in this area endangers the data security concept of your company and can therefore lead to data loss. A maintenance contract is therefore absolutely necessary. offers the security to operate your storage environment for as long as it is needed. Even if the manufacturer no longer offers support, we will maintain your library for at least another ten years.

Hardware Maintenance by the Manufacturer or by an independent Maintenance Specialist: Your alternatives

After the warranty expires, it is important to conclude a maintenance contract – for example, for storage maintenance or server maintenance. This is how you ensure the operational readiness of your systems. Many companies turn directly to the manufacturers of the products. They hope that this will provide them with a particularly reliable service. But this is not the only option. As an independent maintenance specialist, we also offer such services. You don’t have to worry about quality losses. Our technicians have excellent training. They also deal with hardware maintenance on a daily basis. For the manufacturer product maintenance is of secondary importance. As a result, technicians often have much less experience. For this reason, as maintenance professionals, we offer a solution even for difficult problems – where the manufacturer recommends a new purchase.

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Your Oracle Hardware Professional

If you notice a defect in your Sun / Oracle hardware, you can contact us at any time. Even after the warranty has expired, our hardware maintenance service is always an excellent alternative to repairs at the manufacturer. Our technicians will help you with any problem competently and at an excellent price. Ask for a maintenance offer and compare for yourself.

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Quick Service around the Clock

In case of a defect in the IT infrastructure, fast help is very important. Because every minute that the system is not operational can lead to production losses and thus to considerable costs. As a highly specialized third party hardware maintenance provider, we have set up a system that will help you quickly – under warranty. Our support is available around the clock, even on public holidays or on weekends. In addition, our Service Level Agreement (SLA) provides guaranteed times for our services. If you contact our support via our ticket system, you will receive a reply within 15 minutes. Should it be necessary for our technicians to visit your company, they will be on site within two hours. Our Call-to-Repair time of up to four hours gives our customers a lot of security.

Our spare parts warehouse: the basis for an excellent service

One of the most important parts of our infrastructure is our own spare parts warehouse. With many defects it is necessary to exchange components. If these are not available, this will lead to longer delays. For this reason, we have set up a warehouse that has all the components of the servers and storage systems mentioned. It is open 24×7 and our logistics department ensures that all parts arrive quickly at their destination. This makes it possible to repair your systems in the shortest possible time. Our spare parts warehouse is particularly advantageous for customers who work with older computer systems. As soon as the end of life of a product is reached, the manufacturer no longer produces spare parts for it. In the event of a defect, there is often only one option left: a new purchase. To avoid this, we replenish our stocks in good time. Therefore, even 7 to 10 years after the End of Life, we are still able to repair your equipment.

Quickly available spare parts – essential for the Maintenance Service

In order to repair your computer systems, we often need spare parts. If these are not available, there will be long delays. For this reason, we have set up our own spare parts warehouse with all components of the systems mentioned. This is open 7 x 24 hours. Our own logistics department ensures that the required parts arrive quickly at the destination. Our warehouse is particularly interesting for customers working with older systems. After some time, the manufacturers stop supporting them – and thus also the production of spare parts. Even a small defect makes a new purchase necessary after the end of life. To avoid this, we replenish our stocks in good time. Therefore, we can still carry out hardware maintenance seven to ten years after the End of Life.

Cost savings through third-party providers

Our services are of high quality and professional, and we also repair the defects of your systems very quickly. For many customers, the most important reason to choose our services is the significant cost savings. With our maintenance contracts, you benefit from prices that are in many cases 50 percent lower than for a corresponding service from the manufacturer.

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