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Reduce the cost of your IT infrastructure by up to 50 percent by signing a hardware maintenance contract with us. Especially in the server and storage area you can save a lot of maintenance costs.

Most of the companies buy a maintenance contract directly with the manufacturer or one of its partners and are thus bound by their price scale. We are manufacturer independent and therefore not bound to the prices of the vendors.

We manage more than 35 joint logistics centers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With these we provide all necessary spare parts and replacement equipment for our customers. By bundling our resources with Europes largest stock holders we undercut the market price far and wide.

Since it is unfortunately not possible to calculate all prices online, we would like to show an example (prices may differ from this example for an offer).

HP Care Pack SLA HPE Costs/Month Our Costs/Monat Saving
HP ProLiant DL360 G9 in Warranty NBD 13€ 12,0€ 8%
HP ProLiant DL360 G9 in Warranty 4hour HW response 40€ 25€ 38%
HP ProLiant DL360 G9 post Warranty NBD 58€ 25€ 57%
HP ProLiant DL360 G9 post Warranty 4hour HW response 88€ 35€ 61%

From the example many things can be derived:

  • After the first year, when the warranty expires, the manufacturer’s maintenance costs increase to a double or tripple of the original price.
  • The different service levels have a big influence on the maintenance costs.
  • Our cost efficiency increases with the age of the hardware. This means that the older your hardware is, the lower our prices are.
  • Our cost efficiency increases with the hight of the service level. This means that the higher your requirements regarding availability and service quality are, the better our prices are.

When does third party maintenance make less sense?

Although we can almost always undercut the manufacturer’s maintenance price, for many companies it makes little sense to purchase maintenance from a manufacturer-independent maintenance company as we are. Often it is possible to purchase the maintenance for 1-3 years at a very reasonable price within the framework of negotiations for the purchase of hardware. After the expiration of this initial maintenance contract, however, the costs for the extension increase exponentially. If you want to continue using your hardware, you should switch the maintenance to us and reduce your costs by up to 40%.

Even if the manufacturer discontinues the support for your devices, we can help out and take your End of Life hardware under maintenance. This saves you a little time for a new acquisition and increases your cost efficiency.

Get a quote now and convince yourself.

2. Support for all manufacturers from a single source

Whether HP server maintenance or EMC storage maintenance, we can offer everything from a single point of contact. We offer maintenance contracts for all known and lesser-known manufacturers and models. This has several advantages for you:

  • There is only one contact in the event of an error. We are your Single Point of Contact (SPoC).
  • Your incident lead times improve significantly.
  • Reduce the administrative burden for maintenance contracts.
  • Central control of your entire IT infrastructure.

Ask if your hardware is supported.

3. Support for multiple device classes from a single source

We support different device classes of almost all well-known big brands. Consolidate your maintenance contracts from all areas. Whether for high-availability systems in the data center or for hardware at your workplace.

  • Server Maintenance: HPE, IBM, Dell EMC, Sun/Oracle, Fujitsu, Supermicro and many others.
  • Storage Maintenance: HPE, IBM, Dell EMC, Sun/Oracle, Hitachi, Netapp, Overland, Quantum and many others.
  • Network und SAN Maintenance: Cisco, HP, Brocade, Adva, Allied Telesis and many others.
  • Client Maintenance: HP, Dell, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Asus, Sony, Mircrosoft and many others.

4. Flexibility

Flexibility is important for your IT infrastructure maintenance therefore we offer:

  • Flexibility in maintenance duration especially for IT infrastructure migration projects. Interim solutions for a few months are also possible.
  • Flexibility in service levels. Apart from our standard offer, we also offer tailor-made SLAs for special requirements.
  • Flexibility in costs. With hardware consolidations it often happens that devices are dismantled and prematurely removed from the maintenance contract. Up to 10 percent of the order volume can be taken out of our service before expiry of the maintenance contract.

If you still have special requests, just ask.

5. We are international

We offer IT maintenance contracts throughout Europe. On request, we can also offer you worldwide services and you can control your IT infrastructure centrally.

6. Unbureaucratic handling

In our first order with you, we conclude a framework agreement. This allows you to easily add or cancel new devices in your hardware maintenance contract at any time by e-mail..

7. Technically competent

we work for the largest manufacturers and international companies in Europe. Our experts are highly specialized and will be sent to you depending on the nature of the incident. Ask us about your special requirements and convince yourself.

8. Special features

If we take back components as part of a fault and these contain sensitive data, you don´t need to worry. We carry out professional deletion and disposal according to the following criteria::

  • Reproduction-proof & immediately after receipt.
  • Based on BDSG.
  • Mechanical destruction according to DIN 32757 Data destruction.

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