What is Hardware Lifecycle Management?

Hardware Lifecycle is a holistic approach to managing the entire lifecycle of your IT hardware. We take care of your IT infrastructure from acquisition, operation and maintenance to dismantling. With remarketing, we can reprocess your hardware even after the first use phase and it can go through a second life cycle as refurbished hardware to be finally disposed of or perhaps even recycled. No matter where you are in the IT lifecycle, we pick you up exactly there and help you selectively or holistically with your next steps.

The advantages of a good Hardware Lifecycle Management

By implementing hardware lifecycle management methodologies, you take into account the entire lifecycle of your server, storage, or network infrastructure. The benefits for IT leaders and managers are as follows

  • Reduce hardware and maintenance costs in the data center
  • Extend the life of your IT hardware and maximize the value of your IT infrastructure
  • Not only do you reduce the cost of IT migrations because they take place at longer intervals, but you also have fewer outages
  • Through Obscolescense Management, i.e. the precise analysis of which components can still be operated for how long, you have full control over which purchases have to be made at which time and can budget in the long term
  • Reduce your company’s environmental footprint by optimizing the life of your hardware

All in all, you reduce the total cost of IT, reduce downtime, and gain more control over your IT infrastructure and budget.

Phases in the Hardware Lifecycle

For easier understanding and from the customer’s point of view, we divide the IT life cycle of the hardware into three phases. Starting with the time ‘before use’, moving to the period during or ‘in use’ and ending with the period ‘after use’. For all these time phases we offer products and services, which are offered individually or as a package. Depending on requirements, our customers can also choose from three additional phases within each of the three main periods. These are shown in the diagram and explanations below.

Hardware Lifecycle

Hardware Lifecycle

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We not only supply the goods and services, we also take responsibility for the entire life cycle and beyond.

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Consulting | Procurement | Rent & Leasing

Which hardware and how much of it I need in order to run my business smoothly and effectively is very often at the beginning of a decision-making process for managing directors or IT managers. In addition, the question of suitable financing is no less important. Especially when it comes to start-ups and small businesses, but also medium-sized companies. Because today they themselves and their employees place ever higher demands on IT hardware in order to be able to concentrate entirely on their core business on the other hand. To put it simply – the IT infrastructure is often only a commodity for them: If companies today need a server, PCs or laptops, they don’t always want or have to own them. The rental or leasing model is therefore all the more attractive for many. Hardwarewartung.com offers different solutions for your IT procurement. We are happy to assist you in selecting and deciding which products and which type of procurement would be optimal and the right one for you and your company. This makes your selection and procurement process more effective and cost-efficient.

Maintenance | Set-Up | End-of-Life

Do I have the necessary hardware in my house? Do companies often ask themselves questions, who will install it or set it up according to their needs? In order to guarantee trouble-free operation in the long term and to replace or repair it quickly in an emergency, do I need a reliable partner for maintenance? Hardwarewartung.com also offers support and IT services for all well-known manufacturers. However, we do not only support all major brands, but also many device types with smaller vendors. We offer highly professional maintenance services for servers, storage, network devices and clients. No matter if they are in Warranty or maybe already End-of-Life. In the event of a failure of your IT hardware, 300 qualified technicians at 40 different locations throughout Europe are available around the clock to solve the problem. As an additional bonus, we offer you the opportunity to service or maintain IT hardware that is still sufficient in its function and capacity far beyond the end-of-life cycle.

Purchase & Sale | Disposal | Recycling

At the end of every life cycle, responsible entrepreneurs usually have to ask themselves where to put their old appliances. The IT hardware lifecycle from Hardwarewartung.com also offers a wide range of individual options here. For devices that are still functioning, it is possible to place them on various marketplaces and broker exchanges and, in the event of resale (refurbished hardware), still earn money. Other products that are no longer functional should and should be disposed of in an orderly manner. It is not easy to delete sensitive data completely. If old electronic devices are disposed of, it is indispensable to ensure the complete deletion of the data. A competent specialist company for IT recycling is the safest way to avoid legal problems and embarrassment later on. In addition, more and more countries are prohibiting the disposal of old IT equipment in landfills because it contains hazardous chemicals. Hardwarewartung.com offers you one of the possibilities to dispose of old objects in an environmentally friendly way.

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