List for HP End of Life devices

Unfortunately, HP does not provide dedicated data when their hardware is no longer supported. Basically they differentiate between Retired and End of Life Service. As soon as a hardware model is set to Retired, it will be supported by HP for another 5 years. Then the status is called End of Life and any support will be discontinued.  In order to make it easier for our customers to make the right decision whether to buy new hardware or still maintain it, we have collected our own data.

Here is the latest updated list for End of Life Hardware for HP. As always, we offer our maintenance for at least 7 years beyond the End of Life period. However, in reality, we can offer maintenance well over 7 years after the End of Live date. If you need an HP End of Life hardware maintenance contract or if you need the latest hardware, please contact us via our contact form.

Our HP EOL offer in a Nutshell

  • HPE Carepacks far beyond the End of Life period

  • Save up to 50 percent on costs with Care Packs
  • 24 x 7 Service hours
  • Response time in up to 4 hours
  • Call-to-Repair in up to 4 hours

  • Around the clock spare parts availability through our own warehouse and logistics
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Get your HPE Care Pack for your End of Life Hardware. We service your EOL hardware up to 10 years after expiration date and at best conditions. Get a quote now.

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We try to keep the list up to date, but cannot guarantee that the information is completely accurate. At the time of writing, all data should correspond to the manufacturer’s information. Unfortunately, there are many manufacturers who do not publicly disclose their EOL data. For official End of Life information, please always contact the manufacturer.