Satisfied – Or money back

Would you like to change your maintenance service provider and are not sure if this works well? Ask yourself questions like, “Is that what you say right?” or “Can you really do that?” They know that everyone will say, “Yes, of course we can,” but that does not give you the security you need.

What if you’ve heard, “If you’re not 100% satisfied, you can just get your money back.” Does that give you enough security to make a decision? Then you have come to the right place. We guarantee: “Satisfied – or money back!”

How does it work? Here are the rules

Who is covered by the “Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee”?

Every new customer can claim the warranty on his first order.

Are there any limitations on the “Satisfied or Money Back Guarantee”?

Yes, these are it:

  • This guarantee is only valid for first orders under 10.000€
  • The guarantee is only valid for the first 12 months of maintenance
  • The guarantee applies exclusively to our maintenance offers
Zufrieden - Oder Geld Zurück

Do I have to do anything to get the satisfaction or money back guarantee?

Yes, please mention at the first order, that you would like to take advantage of the guarantee. You can do that when ordering by mail or simply when placing your order.

When can I have my money back?

Prinzipiell bekommen Sie Ihr Geld wieder zurück, wenn Sie mit unserem Wartungsservice nicht zufrieden sind. Allerdings muss Ihre Unzufriedenheit eine klare Ursache haben, die mit unserer Leistung zu tun hat. Ebenso müssen Ihre Erwartungen an unser Service einen klaren Realitätsbezug haben. Wenn wir also nicht in 10 Minuten reagieren, obwohl unser Service Level 4 Stunden vorsieht, ist das vielleicht ein Grund unzufrieden zu sein, aber kein Grund für eine Geld zurück Forderung.

The following reasons can lead to a dissatisfaction, which also justifies a money back claim.

  • SLA violations according to the SLA description
  • Failure to keep promises that we have made
  • Incompetent technicians
  • If the cause of SLA violations is not clarified and we do not improve the process so that this error never occurs again

No reason:

  • If your hardware fails particularly often
  • When the cause of repeated problems is not in our hands

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