NetApp Support Renewals

What do you do after the first SupportEdge contract expires?

When you purchase NetApp storage, you typically receive a very affordable SupportEdge package for the first three to five years. In this way, you are well protected against failures and malfunctions during this time. However, after the first support package expires, you will find that extending maintenance is significantly more expensive. The service remains the same.

If you want to keep paying the original price for the same service, then you are perfectly right here.

We are specialized on NetApp storage systems. With NetApp certified engineers whole over the world, our own warehouses and our own logistics we provide nationwide maintenance services, such as NetApp SupportEdge and alternative support packages for older systems. Our NetApp support helps you repair, maintain, and update your storage systems quickly and reliably at any time.

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NetApp Professional Services

Through decades of experience we know what it takes to keep your Netapp storage system up and running. Benefit not only from our experience, but also from our excellent prices. Get a quote now and compare for yourself.

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NetApp Support  – Our 24/7 Service

Our service hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just like our own spare parts warehouses in over 40 locations. With our own logistics we enable a comprehensive delivery of all NetApp spare parts in central Europe within four hours. Technicians can also be guaranteed start-up times as well as repair times of up to four hours. Our NetApp Professional Services team provides the appropriate know-how.

Our NetApp offer at a glance

  • NetApp support and maintenance well beyond the End of Life period

  • 24/7 online-, phone- and On-Site-Service 

  • Certified NetApp Engineers whole over the world

  • Spare part availability around the clock

  • In case of failure: Repair of your NetApp storage system in up to 4 hours

  • 50% cost savings

Worldwide NetApp Support

Our NetApp Support Service is available whole over the world. Please check the map to see which SLA we can provide in your location.

SLA Availability for NetApp Support

Our NetApp SupportEdge Maintenance Options

Our NetApp SupportEdge maintenance includes hardware support and repair service as well as on-demand software support and remote troubleshooting and problem solving. We can also set up monitoring with the AutoSupport Option and Call Home feature to fix any issues before they become noticeable.

Our support edge maintenance offering is available for all NetApp storage models. From the NetApp FAS series to the E series to all All-Flash products. As a manufacturer of independent maintenance providers, we can support both new and older models that are already End of Life or End of Service Life. With our certified technicians and our own spare parts stores, we are a real alternative to the support edge products that are no longer available.

We offer the following SupportEdge products for Post Warranty as well as End of Life (EOL) and End of Service Life (EOSL).

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Your NetApp Support Partner

With our SupportEdge offering, you benefit at several levels. You can always access our own resources, such as technician know-how, spare parts and logistics. We guarantee higher availability than the manufacturer himself and for better price. Get a quote now and compare for yourself.

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NetApp Storage – Lifetime and Maintenance

According to a survey by the Service Industry Association (SIA), the most common reason for replacing storage hardware is the excessive maintenance price for the old storage system. Insufficient capacities and performance are only in third and fourth place.

It goes without saying that a data management and data storage system, like every product, has a certain service life. Regular and high-quality maintenance can increase the reliability of such systems and counteract defects. And that far beyond the end of life period.

In most cases, for example, a NetApp FAS system can run for much longer than seven years. This saves costs and you avoid lengthy migration projects.

With our Post Warranty and End of Life Support Packages for NetApp systems, you can protect yourself against any outages or disruptions. Our Professional Services team takes care of all aspects of your data storage and fixes any malfunction within the service level.

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Extend NetApp Hardware Lifetime

With our End of Life maintenance, you can extend the life of your NetApp products and increase the return on investment.

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Netapp Storage Support – We know what maintenance is all about

With decades of experience, we know what it takes to maintain your NetApp storage data storage.

We work holistically! We support you in terms of storage software support. We help with the implementation of new technologies and advise you also with the use of software extensions. We make sure that your data management system and the corresponding products run flawlessly!

Benefit not only from our experience, but also from our excellent prices! Get a offer now and compare for yourself!

We support the following NetApp storage systems

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NetApp FAS – A Popular Product Is Going End-Of-Life

One of NetApp’s most widely used products is the NetApp FAS storage system. ONTAP is used as the operating system for the data storage. It was developed by NetApp specifically for midsize companies and fully met market expectations. Performance, extensibility, stability, and a wide range of useful and simple features such as deduplication, compression, and snapshot made the NetApp FAS series a bestseller.

From the NetApp FAS 2xxx models with a few terabytes of capacity to the FAS 8xxx with several petabytes, there was something for every dimension. With the NetApp DS Disk Shelfs, the expandability of the storage capacity was also easy.

But unfortunately, almost all models are now “End of Life” and will go “End of Service Life” in the next one to two years.

NetApp FAS – Continue operating with End-Of-Life maintenance

If products are set end-of-life, this means that firstly they are no longer sold, and secondly they are no longer developed further. Support is offered until the End of Service Life, but very limited because the software and firmware is no longer developed. The EOSL usually follows three to five years after the EOL. From this point on, NetApp officially no longer provides any support at all.

For all those who want to keep their EOL storage running, there is our EOL SupportEdge package. With our NetApp Professional Services team and our own spare parts warehouses, we can maintain your NetApp storage for at least seven to ten years.

This allows you to keep your NetApp system as a productive system or continue to operate as an archive or backup system. With the extension of the hardware lifecycle you not only save money, but also do something good for the environment.

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Your Netapp FAS Specialist

If you should discover a defect in your storage systems, you can contact our certified specialists at any time. Our technicians will help you with every problem competently and at an excellent price. Ask for a maintenance offer and compare for yourself.

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NetApp Software Solutions – Data Security Product Lines

Especially in times of the General Data Protection Regulation and the high demands on data security, technologies are in demand that meet these requirements.

NetApp is also a pioneer here and has designed its own product lines for these purposes.

For full disk encryption with FDE (Full Disk Encryption), an implementation of NSE (NetApp Storage Encryption) can be performed. FDE is a third-party vendor. This type of data encryption is particularly interesting for public institutions. Functions such as deduplication and data compression can also be easily integrated with NSE.

Together with SafeNet, NetApp has also launched its own solution, SafeNet KeySecure Key Manager.

Do you have questions about data security and possible implementations of encryption systems? Do not hesitate to contact us any time!

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