NetApp Storage – TOP Support – Fast and Reliable!

Our NetApp support helps you repair your storage systems quickly and reliably at any time. We specialize in this area and have the expertise and spare parts you need.

In addition, you’ll also save money with our service!

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NetApp Specialist at the Best Price

Through decades of experience we know what it takes to maintain your Netapp storage system. Benefit not only from our experience, but also from our excellent prices. Get a quote now and compare for yourself.

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NetApp Support  – Our 24/7 Service

Most of the time, unwanted things happen at exactly the wrong time. In order to provide you and your company with the best possible service, we are at your service around the clock.

Should the storage for your data fail and disrupt your production process, we are available at any time and will help you to restore the work processes in the event of a loss of production.

We take care of your data management problems within the shortest possible time. A technician will be on site within two hours. And within four hours we can guarantee the repair of your storage environment on request. You can access your data again within a very short time!

Our NetApp offer at a glance

  • NetApp maintenance well beyond the End of Life period

  • Spare part availability around the clock

  • 50% cost savings

  • 24/7 online-, phone- and On-Site-Service 

  • In case of Error: Repair of your NetApp storage system in up to 4 hours

  • More than 300 experts at 40 service points in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Our NetApp SupportEdge Maintenance Options

In addition to hardware support and repair service, our Net App SupportEdge maintenance also includes software support with on-site and remote troubleshooting and problem solving on request. We can also set up monitoring with Calling-Home function.

If you should discover a defect in your storage systems, you can contact our certified technicians at any time. After the warranty expires, our maintenance offer is a real alternative to repair at the manufacturer.

Our service and maintenance offerings cover all NetApp storage device types. From the NetApp FAS series to the E series to all All Flash products. We are manufacturer-independent.

Save up to 50% over a direct maintenance agreement with NetApp!

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Your NetApp Support Partner

With our SupportEdge offering, you benefit at several levels. You can always access our own resources, such as technician know-how, spare parts and logistics. We guarantee higher availability than the manufacturer himself and for better price. Get a quote now and compare for yourself.

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NetApp Storage – The Optimal Solution for Efficient Data Storage

NetApp is one of the leading manufacturers of data storage systems and has the right solution for almost all company sizes. NetApp technology meets the highest standards, is reliable and very efficient.

NetApp is also at the forefront of developing and leading the transition to advanced visualization and implementation in the cloud.

In order to stay up to date, our experts and service technicians undergo continuous training. In this way, we can support you across all product lines and support you with our maintenance offers.

NetApp Storage – Lifetime and Maintenance

Like any product, data management and data storage systems have a specific lifetime. Regular and high-quality maintenance can increase the reliability of such systems and counteract defects. And that beyond the end of life period.

Thus, costs can be saved and protracted projects avoided.

Although NetApp storages are very robust and highly reliable, they can still fail.

As your trusted NetApp storage maintenance partner, we’ll make sure it doesn’t come to that. However, if the system threatens to give up its spirit, we’ll use our years of expertise to get your data storage solution back up and running.

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Extend NetApp Hardware Lifetime

With our End of Life maintenance, you can extend the life of your NetApp products and increase the return on investment.

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Netapp Storage Support – We know what maintenance is all about

With decades of experience, we know what it takes to maintain your NetApp storage data storage.

We work holistically! We support you in terms of storage software support. We help with the implementation of new technologies and advise you also with the use of software extensions. We make sure that your data management system and the corresponding products run flawlessly!

Benefit not only from our experience, but also from our excellent prices! Get a offer now and compare for yourself!

We support the following NetApp storage systems

NetApp FAS – One of the Most Popular Products in the NetApp Series

One of NetApp’s most widely used products is the NetApp FAS storage system. ONTAP is used as the operating system for the data storage. It was developed by NetApp specifically for this storage system and ensures high data storage efficiency. The storage system is ideal for integration into a local network.

NetApp FAS offers several models, some of which offer several petabytes of storage space. In addition, the storage capacity can be further expanded with additional disk shelves from the NetApp DS series.

NetApp FAS – Why Are We the Ideal Maintenance Partner?

If a professionally used data storage device such as the NetApp FAS or NetApp DS suffers a defect, many users turn directly to the manufacturer for maintenance. They assume that this service is of a particularly high quality because the technicians are very familiar with the corresponding devices. While this is true, it is important to note that product maintenance is not NetApp’s primary business.

NetApp’s main focus is on selling products. Maintenance plays only a minor role.

It’s different with us! Our focus is on the maintenance of your NetApp products. Our goal is to significantly increase service life and save you money!

Together with our technicians and partners, we have been on the market for 25 years. We have many years of practical experience and know the NetApp products and systems inside out.

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Your Netapp FAS Specialist

If you should discover a defect in your storage systems, you can contact our certified specialists at any time. Our technicians will help you with every problem competently and at an excellent price. Ask for a maintenance offer and compare for yourself.

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NetApp Storage – Your spare parts are already in stock!

Thanks to our comprehensive spare parts warehouse and in-house warehouse logistics, we are able to repair your NetApp storage systems within the shortest possible time.

With more than 40 spare parts warehouses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we have all spare parts for the maintenance of NetApp FAS, E-Series, All-Fash and NetApp DS available. Spare parts are available 24 hours a day and our professional logistics ensure that they arrive quickly at their destination.

NetApp EOL Support maintenance even after end of life

If a storage system is no longer produced, the manufacturers usually still produce the necessary spare parts for several years. After that, spare parts production is discontinued. This often makes maintenance difficult.

We also have spare parts for older NetApp storage systems, such as NetApp FAS, in stock. Our SLA therefore includes storage maintenance for at least seven years after the end of life of the respective models.

NetApp Software Solutions – Data Security Product Lines

Especially in times of the General Data Protection Regulation and the high demands on data security, technologies are in demand that meet these requirements.

NetApp is also a pioneer here and has designed its own product lines for these purposes.

For full disk encryption with FDE (Full Disk Encryption), an implementation of NSE (NetApp Storage Encryption) can be performed. FDE is a third-party vendor. This type of data encryption is particularly interesting for public institutions. Functions such as deduplication and data compression can also be easily integrated with NSE.

Together with SafeNet, NetApp has also launched its own solution, SafeNet KeySecure Key Manager.

Do you have questions about data security and possible implementations of encryption systems? Contact us!

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