Management Team of

Welcome to I would like to introduce you to our management team so that you can get a feel for how we work and who is at the helm. You will find that we place great value on diversification and that all leaders have one thing in common. Their CVs are not straightforward at all.

Yusuf Sar - CEO von

Yusuf Sar

CEO and Sales Director

In the 90s, as a psychology and economics student, I fell into the IT business by accident and found great pleasure in it. Over the next decades, I spent most of my time designing and building large networks and data centres, both as a technician and as a manager at all hierarchical levels. Having reached the top, I wanted to start all over again and founded to disrupt the oldest industry in IT, maintenance. The dusty structures in this industrial sector were screaming for digital disruption. And the only way we can do that is with a leadership team that is, quite literally, extraordinary different.

Hans-Christian Schuetze - Operations und Inside Sales Manager

Hans-Christian Schütze

Operations and Inside Sales Manager

Background: Anthropologist with decades of experience in safeguarding buildings.

Qualification: As a MENSA International member, he is one of the most demonstrably intelligent people in the German-speaking region. He optimises our workflows and processes with the precision and speed of an island gifted person.

Juergen Fassmann - Strategischer Einkauf

Jürgen Fassmann

Strategic Purchasing

Background: Law student with a Master’s degree in Business Informatics. Former Young Politician and IT Support

Qualification: Besides his statesmanlike appearance as a former young politician, he is a great IT all-rounder who also fully understands legal texts. The perfect combination for partner management in strategic purchasing in a complex IT world.

Guenther Haiduk - Marketing und Communications

Günther Haiduk

Marketing & Communication

Background: Top manager in telecommunications for many years. Director and founder of the Rotstern Film Festival.

Qualification: A senior “been there, seen that, done that” manager with a double life as a creative doer.

Julia Garderer - Assistenz Geschaefsfuehrung und Finanz

Julia Gaderer

Assistance to the Management and Finance

Background: Graduated kindergarten teacher with professional experience as Head Hunter for Executives and as Financial Services employee.

Qualification: The patience and non-violent assertiveness of a kindergarten teacher with financial experience and the know-how of executive skills can only be described as a stroke of luck.

The more than 300 experts at the front

We are also proud of the more than 300 experts who do a great job on site with our clients. Most of them I would also call leaders, but we don’t want to bore you with too many faces. As a new client, you will certainly get to know one or two of them soon.