IBM Maintenance: Reliable Service for Servers, Storage Systems and Tape Libraries

Your IBM hardware is at the heart of your IT and requires a maintenance contract to protect your business. If your IBM server, storage or tape library fails, you will need quick and competent help. As an IBM specialist we offer a comprehensive maintenance service for all device classes. Our experts service all IBM products, from AS400 mainframes to tape robots.

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IBM Specialist at the Best Price

With decades of experience, we know what it takes to maintain your IBM Hardware. Benefit not only from our experience, but also from our excellent prices. Get a quote now and compare for yourself.

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Our Offer at a Glance

  • Save up to 50 percent on costs with the same or better service

  • Manufacturer-independent hardware maintenance throughout Europe

  • Hardware Maintenance well beyond the End of Life period

  • 24 x 7 Service hours

  • Our response time is up to two hours

  • Call-to-Repair in up to 4 hours

  • Around the clock spare parts availability through our own warehouse and logistics

IBM Support Options for our Care Pacs

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IBM Products at a Glance

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Professional Maintenance for IBM Server

Your IBM server is a central element of your IT infrastructure. It provides resources such as computing power, software and storage space centrally so that different employees can access them. It also makes it easier for your employees to collaborate. Mainframes are also used for this purpose when particularly high demands are placed on computing power and reliability.

IBM Server

The best known IBM servers are the System Z, System P, iSeries and AS400 series. While using a server allows a simple and efficient way of working, failure of the system can paralyze the entire operation. Therefore, a good server Maintenance is indispensable. With a fast and professional Maintenance Service we minimize downtime and thus the risks for your operation.

Security for Your Data: Maintenance IBM Storage Systems

A storage system is usually used to store data in a company. This uses several hard disks, which are often combined in a RAID system. A redundant storage ensures high reliability. In addition, these systems offer high storage space and fast access.

IBM Storage

IBM memory systems used in many businesses include N-Series, DS3000-DS8000, Storwize V3700-V7000, or XIV. Despite the high security of these systems, failures can occur.  If the corresponding data can not be used, this significantly affects the production processes. Therefore, a professional storage maintenance is indispensable. We ensure a smooth process for the elimination of malfunctions in your storage environment.

Maintenance for the IBM Tape Library

Tape libraries are used for large amounts of data that have to be stored for a long time. These are relatively slow, but offer a huge storage capacity at a very reasonable price.

IBM Tape Library

IBM is also represented in this area with various products – for example, TS1xxx – TS7xxx, VTS, DLT, SDLT, Jaguar or SVC. Many companies use these devices to back up their records. A failure of the tape library can therefore endanger the entire security concept for the data. For this reason, reliable maintenance is indispensable in this area as well. We are your central contact here too.

A Specialized Service for Hardware Maintenance

Many professional users use the service manufacturers offer to maintain their hardware. However, it is also possible to use the services of a manufacturer independent for it. At, you benefit from a service that is in no way inferior to the manufacturer’s services. On the contrary – in some areas, a specialized maintenance provider even brings benefits. While maintenance plays only a subordinate role for the manufacturer, everything revolves around this task for us. We have highly specialised technicians with many years of experience. Moreover, unlike many manufacturers, we do not strive to sell you new products. We repair your equipment whenever possible.

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Your IBM Hardware Professional

If you discover a defect in your IBM hardware, you can contact us at any time. Even after the warranty period has expired, our hardware maintenance service is always an excellent alternative to repair by the manufacturer. Our technicians will help you with any problem competently and at an excellent price. Ask for a maintenance offer and compare for yourself.

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To be quickly on site – throughout Europe

Specializing in hardware maintenance also allows us to set up an excellent infrastructure for this task. As a customer, you benefit from fast response times. If you contact our support, our SLA provides a response time of only 15 minutes. Our technicians will be on site for up to two hours. The Call-to-Repair time can be guaranteed in 4 hours. In addition, our spare parts warehouse is open around the clock and our own logistics department ensures that all required parts arrive quickly.

Cost Savings through specialization in Hardware Maintenance

After the warranty period, many professional users enter into a maintenance contract with the manufacturer – for example, for server maintenance or maintenance of the storage environment. At, we offer you a cheap alternative to it – without loss of quality. You will receive a service that is at least equivalent to the services of the manufacturer. Nevertheless, you can save up to 50 percent of the costs. Our focus and our specialization in maintenance services make this possible.

Maintenance even after the End of Life (EOL)

If you work with older systems, then you benefit from another advantage with our service. We buy all necessary spare parts in time and store them. Therefore, we can even service equipment whose End of Life has already been reached. Even if the manufacturer no longer produces spare parts, server and storage maintenance is no problem for us. We operate your hardware for at least ten years after the EOL.

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