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  • Exim MTA Vulnerability found in over 1,5 Mio Mail Servers

Mail server: Exim security vulnerability affects 1.5 million servers

A newly discovered vulnerability in the Exim mail server is currently affecting more than 1.5 million servers worldwide, according to recent reports. The good news is that a patch is already available. Exim is a freely available mail transfer agent (MTA) that runs on many servers with Unix or Unix derivatives. Exim was developed

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  • Data Centers in Virginia jeopardising Zero Carbon Target

Data centres in Virginia are putting zero-carbon targets at risk

The US state of Virginia has the highest density of data centres in the world. On the one hand, this brings economic benefits, but on the other hand, it increases the demand for energy and jeopardises existing emission targets. In the suburbs of Washington D.C in Loudoun County in northern Virginia you will find

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  • Google IO 2024 Hardware Innovations and Sustainable AI-Infrastructure

Google I/O 2024: Hardware innovations and sustainable infrastructure

Google I/O 2024 once again showed that Google is focussing heavily on artificial intelligence. In addition to numerous software announcements, the focus was also on hardware innovations and infrastructure improvements that have the potential to significantly change the AI landscape. Trillium: the sixth generation of TPU One of the most significant announcements was the

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