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Whoever buys HPE Servers or Storage always has at least one year warranty on the devices. In addition to the warranty there are service packages called HPE Care Packs. Here you can purchase maintenance services and warranty extensions with different service levels for a surcharge. Below you will find the link to HP Care Pack Central.

HP Server and Storage Service Levels

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Service Types

Foundation Care

Includes hardware and software support as standard. A phone hotline is included and a technician comes on site in case of a fault and replaces the defective device. In the Care Pack name Foundation Care is abbreviated as FC.

Proactive Care

Includes hardware and software support with direct access to second level support on the hotline. You will be directed to service technicians who are trying to solve your problem remotely. If this is not possible, a technician will be sent on site. There is also the possibility of proactive monitoring.

Defekt Media Retention

With this service you may keep the defective hard disks in case of an exchange. This way you can be sure that the data stored on the defective device will be deleted and destroyed according to your own security standards. This service can be identified by the abbreviation DMR in the Care Pack Definitions.

Response Times

  • HW support the next working day: technician comes the next day.
  • HW support within 4 hours: Technician will be with you within 4 hours.
  • Call-To-Repair Within 6 hours: The hardware is replaced within 6 hours or the problem is resolved within 6 hours.

Coverage Period

  • Around the clock from Monday to Sunday.
  • During business hours Monday to Friday 08:00 – 18:00.

Warranty Coverage

  • In Warranty: Devices are within the warranty period
  • Post Warranty: Devices no longer have a warranty.

HPE Care Pack Prices

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Before you request a maintenance contract or buy a Care Pack, we recommend that you carry out a Warranty Check. Before you request a maintenance contract or buy a Care Pack, we recommend that you carry out a Warranty Check.

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Have you reviewed your Warranty Status and selected your Care Pack? Send us this information and tell us how long you would like to have your equipment serviced and we will send you a comparative quote. If your Warranty Check tells you that your hardware has already reached End of Life (EOL) or End of Support (EOS) status, we can still help. We will continue to support EOL or EOS hardware for at least another seven years.

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