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End of Life for Dell

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List for Dell End of Life Devices Here is the latest updated list for End of Life Hardware from Dell. As always, we offer our maintenance well beyond the End of Life

End of Life for Brocade

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List for Brocade End of Life Hardware Brocade announces three hardware states. EOL Notification Date, Last Time Order and End of Support. As soon as the EOL notification is announced, the Last

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Whether medium-sized, small or large companies, whether IT is their core business or not, they are all regularly faced with the decision to purchase new hardware. Each time the entrepreneur or his IT manager

End of Life für Sun/Oracle

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List for Sun or Oracle End of Life devices Here is the latest updated list for End of Life Hardware from Sun and Oracle. As always, we offer our maintenance well beyond

Damn, I’m the good guy!

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More than 5 years ago the first independent third-party hardware maintenance companies came to Austria. One of the goals was to stand up to the big hardware manufacturers like HP, Dell, Netapp, EMC, Oracle

End of Life for HP

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List for HP End of Life devices Unfortunately, HP does not provide dedicated data when their hardware is no longer supported. Basically they differentiate between Retired and End of Life Service. As


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