Fujitsu support after the first three years

Are you using Fujitsu PRIMERGY or ETERNUS hardware in your data center or IT infrastructure? Then you’ve probably also bought a three-year or five-year Fujitsu Support Pack for your hardware. But what do you do if you want to keep your server or storage even longer?

You can get a quote for a support extension directly from your Fujitsu Channel Partner. And you are surprised about the very expensive Post-Warranty Support Pack service extension, or renewal.

If the excessive maintenance price is not an option for you, then you are absolutely right here.

Full Fujitsu support at very fair conditions

You can purchase our Fujitsu Support Pack Alternative. With over 300 experts at over 40 service locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we reach all customers in the DACH region within four hours. Our experienced hardware technicians have the “SELECT Expert” certifications in the area of server infrastructure and storage infrastructure. The popular “Certified PRIMERGY Systems Engineer” is also widely used.

As a manufacturer of independent maintenance specialists with our own technicians and our own stock of spare parts from original Fujitsu components, we are not bound by Fujitsu’s graduated prices. So we can offer the Support Packs much cheaper than the manufacturer himself. Our goal is to keep your hardware alive as long as possible. The manufacturer earns his money by selling the hardware and of course wants to sell new server or storage every five years.

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Fujitsu specialist at the best price

Thanks to decades of experience, we know what it takes to maintain your Fujitsu hardware. Benefit not only from our experience, but also from our excellent prices. Get a non-binding offer and compare yourself.

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Our Fujitsu offer in a nutshell

  • Fujitsu support throughout Europe and also worldwide

  • Save up to 50 percent on Support Packs

  • Hardware maintenance well beyond the end of life period

  • Spare part availability around the clock through own warehouse and logistics

  • Online, phone and on-site service around the clock.

  • Response time in up to four hours

  • Call-to-Repair times in up to four hours

What’s the difference between our support and that of Fujitsu?

The biggest difference between our service and that of the manufacturer is that we are not the Intelecutal Property Owner of the software. This means that software, drivers, tools and firmware necessary for the operation of the hardware are the properties of Fujitsu. This results in some differences in support.

Legally, we are only allowed to offer our customers software and firmware updates if there is a fault whose cause is the firmware. However, this is only a purely legal aspect that does not come into play with Fujitsu, because the manufacturer provides drivers, firmware and tools free for download. For all other services, our solution does not differ from the classic Fujitsu Support Pack. We offer the same service levels for the same products, at least in the same quality, but at a much more attractive price.

We support these Fujitsu products

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    Fujitsu server maintenance: simple and easy protection for your IT infrastructure

    The most popular server models at Fujitsu are server of the PRIMERGY or PRIMEPOWER product line with SPARC chip architecture. In case of failure we gladly take care of the maintenance of these systems.

    Fujitsu Server

    In addition to the Intel x86 server platform PRIMERGY and the SPARC architecture PRIMEPOWER, Fujitus also offers mainframes for particularly high computing performance. For example, the BS2000 performs particularly well in large industrial applications. With this server portfolio not only all processor architectures but also all operating systems of Windows, over RedHat to SuSe are supported. From a maintenance provider so much know-how and experience is required. is the right service partner with more than 300 highly certified experts.

    Fujitsu storage systems: High data security through professional maintenance

    Fujitsu offers a wide range of different storage products under the name ETERNUS. We take care of the maintenance of these products.

    Fujitsu Storage

    Central data storage offers many advantages for business applications. In addition to fast access, redundant storage also ensures high data security. Fujitsu offers suitable storage solutions. Many companies use ETERNUS DX or ETERNUS LT products for this purpose. Likewise, Fujitsu also offers storage solutions for all-flash and Hypercale storage. Of course, as a key element of your business, you should also include these devices in your storage maintenance. offers a high-quality alternative to manufacturer maintenance, which will save you a lot of money.

    Fujitsu Tape Library maintenance made easy

    In addition to the usual storage products and services, Fujitsu also offers its own tape libraries under the name ETERNUS LT. However, Fujitsu also sells libraries of the Scalar and Oracle SL series in its own name. We take over the maintenance for all solutions.

    Fujitsu Tape Libraries

    For particularly large amounts of data, where access time is only a minor factor, a tape library is ideal – for example ETERNUS LT, LTO or Scalar. These systems use magnetic tapes that are extremely cheap and have a long life. They are primarily used to create backups or to archive important data. To prevent data loss and to prevent access problems, we offer professional storage maintenance for tape drives. So you still have access to your data for many years after the end of life.

    Hardware maintenance – by the manufacturer or by a maintenance specialist?

    After the warranty, it is recommended to extend a maintenance contract. This protects your IT infrastructure and ensures that it is always ready for use. You can easily buy a Fujitsu Support Pack extension from your Channel Partner. But that’s not the only option. In many cases, it makes more sense to use the services of a specialized maintenance expert, such as Especially if you want to keep your hardware running longer than your system vendor recommends. The overpriced maintenance offers of the Fujitsu partners often support the fact that a hardware lifecycle, i.e. the replacement of the machines, is more profitable.

    Even though most customers know that their existing devices will easily meet the requirements of the business in the coming years, they still agree with the manufacturer. You’ll forget that both the partner and Fujitsu are making a lot of money selling the new hardware products. Here the manufacturer’s own interests outweigh the customer’s.

    But competent customers can defend themselves by looking for an independent maintenance specialist. This is where the maintenance partner’s own interests coincide with those of the customer. In addition to cost savings through extended hardware operation, you also benefit from significantly lower operating costs and a maintenance service at eye level. The more than 300 experts are in no way inferior to the manufacturer in terms of quality and experience in fulfilling the services.

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    Your Fujitsu Hardware professional

    If you notice a defect in your Fujitsu hardware, you can contact us at any time. Even after the warranty period has expired, our hardware maintenance service is always an excellent alternative to repairs at the manufacturer. Our technicians help you with every problem competently and at an excellent price. Ask for a maintenance offer and compare for yourself.

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    Fast service around the clock

    We know that every single minute of a PRIMERGY server or ETERNUS storage failure can cost a lot. However, with our experienced technicians, our excellent warehouse infrastructure and our own logistics, we can solve any problem quickly. We even give a guarantee on that. If you are not satisfied with the fulfillment of our SLAs or our services, you will simply get your money back. The service level agreements (SLA) are the same as with the classic Fujitsu support packs. Our technical call center is available around the clock and technicians can guarantee repair times of up to four hours.

    Spare parts quickly available

    We often need spare parts for our maintenance services. However, getting them often takes a long time. We have therefore set up our own warehouse, which is open 24×7. It contains all the necessary components for repairing Fujitsu servers or storage systems. Even if you are working with older systems, we can help you. Because we store the necessary components beyond the end of life of the corresponding products. If the manufacturer no longer produces spare parts, we can still service your equipment – up to 10 years after the End of Life.

    Cost savings in maintenance

    A maintenance contract with the manufacturer provides a certain security and gives you the feeling of having bought a particularly high-quality service, but makes you pay dearly for it. The truth is that it’s a very lucrative business for the manufacturer to have a standard service, where no matter what you do as a customer, he always benefits. If you buy the artificially overpriced Support Pack, he earns very well on the maintenance service for comparatively little performance. If you decide to buy new hardware, he earns even more from the new product.

    We break through this hopeless situation and offer you the maintenance service at fair conditions with a very high quality. We meet you on an equal footing and adapt to your wishes. We help you to save on your budget and at the same time increase service quality.