Welcome to DigiTal(k)! The first video series that deals with the topic of digitization in small and medium-sized enterprises. We present our second guest and managing director of OpenForce Information Technologies. Otto Meinhart.

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Transcript of the video

Welcome to Hardwarewartung.com
Your reliable provider for high-quality maintenance of servers, storage, network devices at the best price. We proudly present the Digitalk. The Digitalk is a video series in which we interview our loyal customers and partners about digitalization. In recent years, we have all heard a lot about this topic in the media and trade magazines. But we wanted to know more. What does this topic look like in the reality of real companies? How do they perceive digitization? What measures do they take and? And where do they think the journey will take them?

Here comes the first exciting insight of our customer and partner.

Here he comes.
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DigiTal(k): What are you doing exactly?

Otto Meinhart: My company is called Open Force. I am managing director, I am also founder and owner. Together with my partner. We have a team of about 30 people and develop software projects, software products for our customers.

Otto Meinhart: Whenever a customer, mostly quite a big one, because we do very big projects, has a software need that he cannot cover with a product. Then he thinks about developing the product himself. Since we specialize in individual development, the customer usually comes to us. And then we think together about what the product looks like, what requirements there are for it, what technical requirements have to be created for it. We then design this in a project and usually develop it over several months or several years, until the product is as the customer initially wanted it to be.

DigiTal(k): What do you do differently?

Otto Meinhart: What I have learned, what I do differently than the others, is that I no longer develop projects today, but partnerships. That is, the whole environment that goes along with it, of all the interests that come together in such a project, to get them together and develop them together with a company is more difficult and more challenging than it sounds in this one sentence.

DigiTal(k): What do you understand by digitization?

Otto Meinhart: For me, digitization is the breeding ground on which my partner relationships and my projects grow, because digitization means nothing other than the software is moving into more and more areas. By doing individual development with software and developing software wherever there are no products yet, that is exactly the ground on which my projects grow.

DigiTal(k): How do you see the future of digitization?

Otto Meinhart: If you imagine that 20 years ago nobody knew about the Internet, but today everyone has a smartphone where they can access the most diverse solutions via a web browser, then we already have the first trend that is very big in digitization, namely cloud. Another trend is what you hear and read everywhere now is the Internet of Things. The development actually goes one step further by saying that if I already have a network in which I can link different components with each other, I still do and go further and further into areas. If you imagine, for example, that you can attach a button to a refrigerator and press on it, and you already order more, the supplier behind it already knows what milk you are drinking, and what cheese you are eating, then the supply chain is automatically started, then we are in the second trend Internet of Things. If you then think even further ahead that this higher availability of components with an even higher degree of networking also begins to produce more and more data. And the handling of data is a very important trend for me, which will be the main trend in the future and will determine our industry, is Big Data and what we do with it.

Thanks Otto, you hit the point. Digitalization means that software is penetrating more and more areas, including your insight that the cloud, Internet of Things, and Big Data are not independent phenomena, but interrelated, is simply terrific. Thanks for that.
/Ende Outro

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