Maintenance contract for printers, plotters, copiers and multifunction devices.

All maintenance packages for printer, plotter, copier and multifunction device include 24/7 telephone support and all service. From replacement of spare parts, manpower, travel to on-site hardware repair, everything is included for our corporate customers. In the event of a fault, just call our telephone hotline. Immediately a printer expert will be sent to you to solve the problem on-site. However, we can only offer this service for devices that are also under maintenance at our company. Unfortunately, we can not carry out repairs and maintenance without a maintenance contract.

With our bronze, silver or gold package you can determine how fast your printer technician should be with you. He has the right spare parts and the material with him in most cases. After the on-site repair of your equipment, you can continue working immediately.

We offer this maintenance service for all current manufacturers such as HP, Canon, Xerox, Brother, Epson or Lexmark as well as many other lesser-known brands, from a single source. Meet all the requirements of your print environment with a partner. For example, you can buy a LowCost laser printer from HP and a high-end Xerox plotter without worrying about service quality or administrative overhead in case of failure. Ask for a quote now.

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Differences to the manufacturer

  • We also service printers, plotters, copiers and multifunction devices that are already End of Life or End of Service. However, we must always validate in advance whether we can include your system in a maintenance contract.
  • There is no premium service. All our customers receive the same excellent support at the base price.
  • We are manufacturer-independent and can service your entire infrastructure from a single source. This reduces troubleshooting and reduces administrative effort.
  • Due to our size and manufacturer independence we offer up to 30% lower prices and that with constant or better quality.

Our Service Packages

Service times

 Phone Hotline

Technician on-site

Printer maintenance BRONZE

 Mo-Fr. 08:00-17:00  Mo-Su. 00:00-24:00  Next Day

Printer maintenance SILVER

 Mo-Fr. 07:00-20:00  Mo-Su. 00:00-24:00  4 hours

Printer maintenance GOLD

 Mo-Su. 00:00-24:00  Mo-Su. 00:00-24:00  4 hours

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