Welcome to DigiTal(k)! The first video series that deals with the topic of digitization in small and medium-sized enterprises. We present our fourth guest from the data center provider Nessus. Oliver Henrich.

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Transcript of the video

Welcome to Hardwarewartung.com
Your reliable provider for high-quality maintenance of Server, Storage, Network Devices at the Best Price. We proudly present the Digitalk. The Digitalk is a video series in which we interview our loyal customers and partners about digitalization. In recent years, we have all heard a lot about this topic in the media and trade magazines. But we wanted to know more. What does this topic look like in the reality of real companies? How do they perceive digitization? What measures do they take and? And where do they think the journey will take them?

Here comes the first exciting insight of our customer and partner.

Here he comes.
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DigiTal(k): What exactly are you doing?

Oliver Henrich: Nessus is a Viennese Internet service provider located in the 10th district and conveniently located. What am I doing there? Well, it’s actually about us offering data center space for companies that want to see their IT in a secure place, so to speak. We provide rack space up to server housing.

DigiTal(k): What are you doing differently?

Oliver Henrich: I think there are so many providers in the field. For example, it is important for me that I have a provider that is within my reach. Simply knowing where my data is simply gives me a better feeling or another feeling in certain areas.en.

DigiTal(k): What do you understand by digitization?

Oliver Henrich: Well, of course the subject concerns us very much. I think whatever is interesting about digitization is the subject of automation. And I see automation in the simplifications of everyday life, i.e. everyone reaches for his mobile phone in the morning and gets his emails, his current messages and actually checks his everyday life to see what needs to be done. In addition always new App developments, aids, which are completely simply available on the mobile phone, come. And these app developments – after all – end up on a server again, and the server can again stand with us, and can of course scale, depending on how large this platform becomes in the data center. It can be a single server, but it can be multiple racks that provide this data. For this reason, growth is of course expected in the data center, and we look forward to this development.

DigiTal(k): Future – Big Data?

Oliver Henrich: Of course Big Data is an issue that we handle and operate with ourselves now, and wherever I have the opportunity to collect data and evaluate it in order to simply offer a better service, it is an advantage. Of course, you can also use the Nessus data center for this.

Outro: Again a new view meadow on digitization. It is not only about more and more automation, but also about data and what is done with this huge amount of data. Big Data will certainly become a gamechanger in digitization.
/Ende Outro

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Music/sound mixing: Clemens Wenger
Conception / Direction: Günther Haiduk
Production: Yusuf Sar

Interview Partner: Oliver Henrich

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