Welcome to DigiTal(k)! The first video series that deals with the topic of digitization in small and medium-sized enterprises. For many years the term digitization has been haunting the media and trade magazines. In most cases it is represented either as large threat or as world-changing chance. We, at Hardwarewartung.com, wanted to know exactly. What does digitalisation mean for SMEs in Austria and Germany? What is your perception on the topic? What opportunities and fears do you have and where do you think this journey is going?

With this view of reality, we sought out representative companies among our customers and partners and invited them to an interview. We present our first guest and CEO of Timewarp IT Consulting. Michael Pambalk-Rieger.

Video links and information

For more information about Timewarp IT Consulting, please visit
Timewarp Website
Timewarp on Facebook

Camera/Sound/Editing: Carina Bogner
Music/Sound Mixing: Clemens Wenger
Conception/Director: Günther Haiduk
Production: Yusuf Sar

Interview Partner: Michael Pambalk-Rieger

The Local: Cafe Eiles Website 

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