The Austrian IT maintenance market for server, storage and network equipment has always been firmly in the hands of major manufacturers. Whether HP, IBM or EMC, they all dominate their market position with regard to the maintenance of their sold devices. Only those who pay a tight certification system to the manufacturer may access the spare parts warehouse or software updates. Only those who maintain partner status, make it to a gold or even platinum partner can hope for discounts, which they can then pass on to the end customer with small surcharges. Unfortunately, this has serious consequences. The maintenance companies and partners of the manufacturers are thus forced to specialize mainly in customers with large IT infrastructures, because only there is the mass that can secure the existence of these hardware maintenance companies. Of course, there are also offers on the market for medium-sized or even small companies, but unfortunately higher margins have to be opened up here, which often makes maintenance a considerable cost factor and drives many to the risk of not concluding a professional maintenance contract.

A small company based in Vienna called wants to change this situation on the Austrian hardware maintenance market. It reminds a bit of the story of David against Goliath. But the modern networked world fortunately allows business models that don’t let this fight seem as unequal as it seems at first glance. Because searches the market for the best maintenance companies and not only goes the way of status partners but also includes third-party maintenance companies in its portfolio. Third-party maintenance is a field of business that has now gained a foothold throughout Europe, but which has avoided the small country of Austria. These companies build up huge hardware and spare parts warehouses scattered all over Europe and train highly qualified technicians who are specialized in different manufacturers and can therefore offer a full IT maintenance service independent of the manufacturer. This guarantees that does not only sell the provider with the largest margins, the maintenance contract is concluded directly with, thus it is guaranteed that the best service is selected because they themselves are liable for everything. The founder of, Yusuf Sar, comments: “I don’t want to see any more that those of all people who need professional maintenance, i.e. medium-sized companies, don’t get it or can’t afford it. I want to change the Austrian market, put an end to extortionate prices for poor quality”. Let’s see if this committed David will break the power of the big guys.