As a Forbes Technology Council member, we have the opportunity to publish our expertise directly on the Forbes website. Now our second article is finally online!

You can read the article here: Forbes Article

This time it took a little longer to publish it because:

  1. The research was extremely time-consuming. Unfortunately, there are virtually no useful sources on the OEM and TPM maintenance market. We had to plough through countless quarterly reports and pick out the data that indicated maintenance turnover or profit margins.
  2. We had to prove to the Forbes Technology Council editorial team what exactly we automate with AI. And that it’s not just some hollow AI blah blah that everyone can claim
  3. We had to contradict the Gartner data, which is far too optimistic for the TPM market. Gartner does not take into account the customer segments on which most TPMs have focussed, which is slowly becoming their doom.

Anyway, if you’re interested in the challenges facing the TPM maintenance market and how to overcome them, then this is an article you should read.

However, we believe that it is not unique to the TPM industry. We think it applies to almost all service providers who require a certain minimum revenue per customer and have therefore specialised in the past in medium or very large customers.

The problem is always the same. The larger the customer, the fewer there are. If competition increases but customers become scarce, then prices go down

Good for the customer, bad for the service provider

But thanks to AI and LLMs, this problem can be solved more easily today than in the past. We are trying to set an example and would be delighted if you would also share your experiences in this area.

We already have a small community of people who are actively realising projects and not just talking cleverly about what could be done. Everyone passes on their experience and everyone benefits.

The result: 80% of our customer-side processes are already supported or completely handled by AI. Be it quotations, accounting or dispatching and replying to emails.

Every day, a new little thing is added that takes work off our hands!

In the end, the goal is to simply hand over everything to Skynet hm, or should we give the AI another name

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