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I’m currently seeing so many companies telling me how great they already have AI in use. And when I ask them exactly what they do, they say:

“We use this “TschätTschiPiTiiii” to make our marketing texts/product descriptions/customer emails/blahh better” or “I now use Midjourney to create cool images for my articles”

I don’t want to downplay the performance of these companies, but I can’t win a flower pot with that. It’s a bit like saying: “Hey, we’re now using Office365. Now we’re finally a
digital company!!!” Really?

Especially in the B2B environment, everyone is so overwhelmed by the many new ways to increase efficiency in the company that everyone forgets that they are all doing the same thing.

Of course, every developer, marketer, customer service agent or accountant is faster and more accurate when using ChatGPT. And, in the first phase, these efficiency gains are incredibly large compared to last year in your own company.

However, if you look at the market, the situation looks very different. This is because these low-threshold areas of application are introduced automatically, intentionally or unintentionally, from the bottom up in almost every company because it simply saves every employee work and they can implement more and are therefore in a better position.

It is therefore all the more important that management think about what this means for them. Simply buying Microsoft’s CoPilot for all employees may be a simple and comparatively inexpensive solution, but it doesn’t change anything in terms of market positioning.

In the meantime, small, clever companies are building fully integrated solutions and can disrupt entire business models for €20 a month that previously cost thousands or tens of thousands of euros. And that with simple no-code / low-code modular systems.

Anyway, I wrote an article on #fastcompany that tries to describe this problem in our industry, third party maintenance. For those who want to change something, there are also a few tips on how to tackle it

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