Whether medium-sized, small or large companies, whether IT is their core business or not, they are all regularly faced with the decision to purchase new hardware. Each time the entrepreneur or his IT manager has to ask himself the question which manufacturer to choose. The big brands like HP, Dell or IBM are often an option because of their popularity and their good reputation, but unfortunately the customer also pays the name. Of course, a company whose activity is not in IT could also opt for no-name hardware, but unfortunately it does not get the necessary support here. As soon as the warranty has expired and there are problems, the customer is on his own. This is not an option even for risk taker entrepreneurs. That’s why the trend seems to be towards mid-class hardware, especially among medium-sized companies. Here there are many small manufacturers who offer very good value for money with standard hardware and a local brand name. But also larger international manufacturers such as Supermicro are involved. Originally, this was considered a price-performance miracle, but most customers now shy away because there are no maintenance services, at least in Austria. “I could hardly believe it when I learned that there is no maintenance for Supermicro Server in Austria,” says Yusuf Sar, founder of  Hardwarewartung.com, and accepts the challenge of setting up the first and only maintenance service for Supermicro in Austria.

He’s done it now. Since 01.12.2014 he offers an on-site maintenance for all customers in Austria with different service levels and thus expands the possibilities for small and large companies to include Supermicro in their portfolio. “If I find another manufacturer that offers good products but a bad service, I will not hesitate to find a solution here as well. I would like to improve the conditions at least in the maintenance market for the middle class. Quality up, prices down, then everyone gets something out of it” he ends his words with a determined expression followed by a smile.

Now it is up to the entrepreneurs and IT managers to decide on a manufacturer. In any case, they can complete maintenance at hardwarewartung.com.