EN Hardware: Mieten Statt Kaufen. IT-Finanzierung für KMUs

In mid-January we reported that there would be a new player in the IT financing market without being an IT financier ourselves. (Article: EN Storage focuses on Start-Up Power). Now we get to know first hand the first details about the challenger from the Start-Up world.

The first thing to mention is the new brand name. With the brand EN Hardware and a rather reserved logo you radiate a serious look. They want to give the customer a feeling of security in their brand. Yusuf Sar, founder and responsible for the new brand, replies to the question of why they chose a slightly conservative figurehead as a modern start-up: “We know that IT financing is a very serious issue for many companies where trust and security are concerned. We’re not an IT finance company, but we solve the same problem. So we have to be similarly conservative. Our customers expect radically better services but serious and secure behaviour. That’s why we decided to keep our logo simple and simple, as well as our services. Our aggressive appearance is directed against the IT financial world, which works with less customer-friendly financing models and intransparency only for their own advantage. They believe that customers have no other option anyway, but we will prove that there is a different way”.

Y. Sar has not yet completely revealed how concretely you want to fulfil these objectives. At least he has given a rough overview of the product range.

The concept is very simple. Almost all customers who currently have their IT financed by banks or leasing companies do not basically need the assets as their property, but rather the use of the assets. This means that the customer does not necessarily have to own his PC, server or other IT equipment. It is sufficient if he can use them very cheaply without restrictions. The reasons why they have the hardware financed by borrowing are either in the cash flow or in the accounting. EN Hardware meets all these requirements with a very flexible rental model. As assets they can take hardware, software, services and projects. They can also combine all assets with each other. The customer decides which building blocks he wants to use and who should procure the assets. EN Hardware can act as supplier as well as landlord in all asset classes.

“In our market analysis, we noticed that most customers already have service providers they can trust. And that almost every procurement, no matter if desktops, servers or Microsoft licenses, requires some kind of service. This is either done by the customer himself or he has a partner who helps him. The one-time costs of the service are not to be underestimated and often become the next barrier for the customer. We want to get rid of them. He can comfortably say who should roll out his hardware and we simply include the investments in the rental price. Or the customer has a complex project where he lacks one or the other partner for the implementation. We find the right partners from our partner network that we had already established for Hardwarewartung.com and Change-IT. We then simply include these costs in the rental price. At first glance, many may not yet see the implications of this concept. Our first friendly customers were surprised about the flexibility and the problem solving power of our approach. We were even able to help one of our customers develop a completely new product in the low-price cloud sector. This was not only profitable, but also opened up new opportunities in a new customer segment”.

Even though the services are currently only intended for friendly customers in medium-sized businesses, EN Hardware has already achieved some successes in the first few months. Anyone who thinks he has a difficult case and has a little patience gets the chance to get a solution. All you have to do is send a mail to office@en-hardware.com.

“We will try to help as many medium-sized companies as possible. Exactly these have the largest pain. Especially in Germany and Austria, the financing conditions for SMEs are very unfavourable. Governments are still optimising legislation for large corporations, although over 70% of the economic burden lies on the shoulders of small and medium-sized enterprises”.  With these words Yusuf Sar once again confirms that his motives in entrepreneurship have not changed with the new brand EN Hardware.