“Buying or not buying, that’s the question: whether the costs are already too high or performance still enough…” Even if the decision that today’s IT managers have to make is not as existential as that of the old Danish kings, it does cause some headaches.

We are talking about the difficult decision to buy new storage or to keep the old one. When is the right time to replace your storage hardware? Does that even pay off? Which aspects should we consider? At least for one of these questions, Hardwarewartung.com has built a tool to help.

The Storage Cost Calculator should help IT managers and responsible persons to get a rough overview of the current and future costs.

We answer three basic questions.

  1. How much does the new acquisition of storage cost?
  2. What is the annual cost of my storage over the entire hardware lifecycle?
  3. What are the price differences between manufacturer-maintenance and independent third-party maintenance?

By answering simple questions, the Storage-Cost-Calculator guides you to the data you need. .  Just try it and give us feedback via Facebook, Twitter or Google+