Following our breakthrough with Forbes, we have now also been featured in the Business Insider. Funnily enough, the article almost sounds like an advert for us.

You can read the article here: Business Insider Article 

It seems that our hypothesis about the future of the B2B maintenance market is not as far-fetched as our competitors believe. The third party maintenance industry has always been orientated towards large customers and corporations. The reason is simple. Large customers have large data centre installations, so the turnover per customer is naturally also large.

Conversely, small or SME customers only generate a small turnover, but the customer acquisition costs are the same for both customers. So it is only logical that the TPM world almost exclusively goes after the big fish.

There is only one problem. All maintenance providers have this thought. The arms race for the biggest customers has led to all TPMs fighting over precisely this small target group. Everyone is undercutting everyone else and in the end, the winner is always… Well, who else! The customer!

That’s great for enterprise customers, but they already have the pricing power and the resources to flex their muscles in almost all areas.

And who is left behind who could really use it? Exactly! The SMEs. 97% of all companies are SMEs and they bear the main burden of the economic development of our society. Even though large corporations generate over 65% of all sales. They only employ roughly 40% of people.

SMEs therefore have a major imbalance between employment and economic performance. From an economic point of view, we should therefore be focussing more on SMEs than on corporations.

But unfortunately, very few manage to do so. The reason is usually that acquiring an SME costs the same as acquiring a corporation, but the return is significantly lower.

Sounds like an injustice that can’t be solved, right? Wrong!!! Nowadays there are completely different ways of approaching customers and customers are much more mature than they were a few years ago. And that’s exactly what our business model is based on.

Mature customers who know what they need and look for solutions themselves. And when it comes to maintenance, they then find: US

Why is that? Because we have been doing everything we can to be found online since 2014: SEO, SEM, performance marketing, social and much more. And to ensure that we can afford to maintain even the smallest server, we use AI technologies and automation for customer communication and processing.

This allows us to reduce customer acquisition costs by over 90%.

Everyone is happy. The customer gets low-cost maintenance and we get a customer who brings in more than he costs us.

The economy says thank you!

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