Change is difficult for many people. They are afraid and put incredible energy into painting horror scenarios. But because nothing has been built for eternity and we are currently in the midst of the much-discussed Digital Revolution, the willingness to rethink and try out “new things” is essential for economically sustainable success. I myself tend to belong to the rationally pragmatic group when it comes to renewal and change. However, I am also of the opinion that a well-functioning system should not be changed without thought. I say that from many years of experience in my profession. Oh yes, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Bernd and I am responsible for the IT department of a medium-sized company. Very often people like me are accused of saying that the memory only stores the most important things due to the advancing digitalization.

I don’t expect this to be a long time ago purchase and a problem that now follows from it.  Our EqualLogic PS series storage arrays from Dell were a breakthrough in the storage world, from purchase and setup to operation and upgrades. They scaled well and also enabled storage growth without interrupting applications. I’ve remembered that to this day. No wonder, that’s exactly why I decided for this solution at that time and enforced this not quite cheap purchase.

The argument to the CEO was that the EqualLogic PS6010X arrays offer exceptional flexibility with a low total cost of ownership. They were also designed to be installed, configured and operated in less than an hour. Which was a clear cost saving at the time and he therefore agreed to the purchase.

And now this: After many years of trouble-free operation with this Dell storage, I now read that the manufacturer’s support will be discontinued this year. “Oh no, now the whole procurement and migration process is starting all over again,” I will hear from my staff. I, on the other hand, am particularly interested in the residual risk that always arises during the migration and whether the new system functions as smoothly as the tried and tested one. What to do? “Never change a running system” is a pragmatic and efficiency-orientated approach that goes through my head. And believe it or not, I found the solution on a website on the Internet. It relies on continuity and at least on additional time savings.

The company offers its customers an End of Life Maintenance for their high quality and functional devices, such as the PS 6010X and PS 6010XV. They provide technical support for up to 10 years after the End of Life date. And that with the full scope of service, like Dell itself. That will please my boss, for whom predictability, cost efficiency and profitability are key decision criteria. I don’t need much persuasion for this budget-friendly interim solution anyway. Due to the assumed forgetfulness, I now quickly write the most important information together and send it to my managing director by e-mail and to get him in the mood. Afterwards I deal again with other essential things, if you know what I mean. See you soon, Bernd.

All the benefits of maintaining Dell hardware after expiration of manufacturer support at a glance:

  • Low and manageable costs over the next few years
  • No additional man-hours required for installation and migration
  • In case of emergency, online, telephone and on-site 24-hour service
  • Sufficient time for the preparation of negotiation tactics for new purchases
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